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Top 10 Amazing Japanese Inventions

Japan has always been the country of inventions for the world. Whether it be the digital SLR camera or camcorder,Japan has given the world a long list of inventions. Marshal arts to high speed passenger trains,are all first invented by Japanese only. Many of us don’t even know that the wrist watch that we are wearing is also first invented by Japan. Many of our day to day life things,which we can’t even imagine has been a gift of Japanese to the world. No doubt Japan is so progressive in technical growth. This nation has set an example of awesome inventor in front of the world. Here is a list of some of the amazing inventions made by Japan.
10.Compact Disc Player
CD player Top 10 Amazing Japanese Inventions
Who doesn’t like watching movies and listening songs,but have you ever imagined the first invention of  a disc player. Now a days,we have computer and cinema halls to watch a movie and most of us don’t use the CD player for this purpose. But every one of us would surely have seen or used one in his life. This is all thanks to Japan that invented CD Player and made us watch movies and listen to songs a little bit easier. CD players are also a part of our computer systems,car stereos and home stereo systems. Thus this is one of the most important requirement now a days and is given to us by Japan. It was invented in the year 1982,and is used worldwide in various forms since then.
9.Digital Single Lens Reflex(SLR) Cameras
SLR cameras Top 10 Amazing Japanese Inventions
The high resolution SLR cameras that we are using now a days are an invention of Japanese. It was in the year 1981 that the first SLR camera was launched by Sony Mavica. However an SLR camera with a film of 35 mm was first launched in the market by Nikon D1 in year 1999. It was a full fledged,Japanese developed camera,which still is the most preferred choice of professional photography. The features like high speed,good quality pictures and ease of use,made the camera more popular and replaced the old fashioned digital cameras. Most of the professional cameras are still manufactured by these Japanese companies. Many companies have emerged but no one could compete the Japanese companies in the manufacturing of these cameras.
RFIQin Top 10 Amazing Japanese Inventions
It is an automated cooking device invented by Japanese. Mamoru Imura was the one to invent this wonderful cooking device. The device can make a total of 23 recipe on its own,and that too in an efficient way. This happens as follows. There is a temperature sensor embedded with the device,the function of sensor is to identify the type of food and to regulate the temperature of the induction cooker accordingly. This prevents over heating of food and thus saves thermal energy. In addition to induction cooker and temperature sensor,there are some recipe cards,that contain the recipe of the food. You just need to wave the card under the cooker handle and then the food is  made inside the cooker,accordingly. The card sends some wireless signals inside the cooker. These cards contain instructions to be followed. This strange and amazing automated heating device is right now patented and is not sold outside the country. The rate of the device in the year 2006 was found to be around $2,100. This wonderful device was invented in the year 2007.
7.Mattress with Built in Fan
matress with built in fan 300x175 Top 10 Amazing Japanese Inventions

Now this is certainly a very weird invention. It is a bed with fans embedded inside it. It provides the cooling of an air conditioner to the person sleeping over it. In the heat of Japan,this bed provides a smoothing feeling to its owner. This is a low cost and environment friendly way of having a good night’s sleep. It saves the expense of  an air conditioner. The bed is named as Fumin. It was first made by a cloth maker Kuchofuku. The prize of Fumin is only $300. Fumin is a Japanese word which means wind-bed. There are around 4 fans build in at the foot of the mattress. Even if any person runs the fans eight hours a day,it costs just 30 bucks a month. It is a recent invention. The mattress is now confined to the people of Japan only,as it is not sold outside the country.
6.Tap Controlled Touch Screen Camera
tap controlled touch screen camera 300x175 Top 10 Amazing Japanese Inventions

This amazing camera has been invented recently by Olympus company. The new Olympus Stylus Tough 8000 is a camera that can easily be handled in adverse conditions. A person can handle the camera just by using a tap. The word used for this camera is ‘control tap’. Purpose of control tapping is that if a person is doing skiing,it may be difficult for him to change the settings by pressing buttons of the camera. At that time,this tap facility is an advantage. In addition to tap control,the camera provides lots of different advantage which are not present in older cameras. The camera is waterproof,shockproof and freeze proof. The person can take the camera inside the waters at the time of diving. The camera doesn’t just fall on the surface and break into pieces. Also the camera possesses a great resistance to lower temperatures. In this camera,all the settings can easily be handled with the help of just tapping or tipping the camera body. This is also an advantage for the girls with long nails.
karaoke Top 10 Amazing Japanese Inventions

The karaoke stands for kara+okestura i.e.,empty orchestra. It is mainly a form of  interactive entertainment. It simply means singing or playing along with the video playing on an screen or the recorded music. The device is now a days an iconic stereotypical device associated with Japanese. It was Japan who invented this. The first karaoke machine was invented by a Japanese musician Daisuke Inoue in 1971. After becoming populer in Japan,it spread to East and South east Asian countries. Since the musician refused to patent the machine,he wasn’t able to make the profit out of it. But the way this wonderful device gained popularity is certainly unbelievable. This has now become the most important part of each and every club parties.
robots 220x300 Top 10 Amazing Japanese Inventions
Robots are today one of the most important topic of study for various scientists and technocrats. Basically a robot is automatic machine that performs the tasks that a human does.Robotics may sound like a modern 21st century technology,but it actually isn’t. The first robotic machine was invented by Japan in 17th century. It was called as Karakuri ningyo. This was the first robotic machine the world has ever seen. This robot has a specialized feature of serving tea. It was mainly made up by a wound spring. This was just the starting. After this,the making of robots for small day to day life became a regular measure. Many other robotic automated bodies were made after that.
3.Digital Pets
digital pets1 Top 10 Amazing Japanese Inventions
Keeping pets is always a human interest. The eager to find a constant companion is not today’s or yesterday’s thing. People are strived to have pets from the very beginnings. However keeping an alive pet requires much care and protection. Thus a trend of keeping artificial or digital pets was originated. This trend grew in the mid to late 90′s. At that time the first digital pet was invented by Japan. A man named Tamagotchi invented first digital robot. After that this trend became very popular in many countries across the globe and many digital pets have been formed. Nowadays,these are present in almost every toy shop in the form of kids’ toys.
2.Speaking Piggy bank
speaking piggy bank 300x175 Top 10 Amazing Japanese Inventions
This special piggy bank has been recently invented. This may be a strange type of piggy bank for kids who have just learned counting. This piggy bank gives the total count of the coins and notes that have been put into it. Thus this is kind of a special one for kids. There are some sensors present inside the toy,which detects the number and the type of coins. It tells that how much amount you have entered and how much you have saved.The manufacturer of this toy is Toybox manufacturers and this costs around $36. This box is around 15 cm wide and 20 cm high. For the purpose of kids’ pleasure,the toy is available in three colors-red,black and white. This is a recent invention and soon will be available throughout the world.
1.Fast Speed Passenger Trains
passenger trains 300x225 Top 10 Amazing Japanese Inventions
The first high speed passenger train was invented by Japan only. It was the 12-car 0-series Shinkasen bullet train. It was the first high speed, high volume passenger train. It ran from 1964 to 2008. The country Japan is known of its superior rail transport from the very beginning. The country invented first high speed passenger train and still today,the railway system of the country is inevitable. It is progressing day by day. This wonderful railway transportation system is certainly the most important reason that puts the economy of Japan at the second position in the world. This design of Shinkasen train highly influenced other engineers throughout the world and many more fast speed passenger trains were then invented.

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