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Top 10 Advantages of Using Honey

There is a reason when bees are called as honey bees, because bees are the most useful insect which gives us the sweetest thing, Honey. As much as they love to kill us with its sting, these bees also gives us a life with its preparation of honey. Other than its sweet taste making those fruits salads, ice creams dressing so yummy!, there are many other benefits of honey which helps the human living. It also acts as a strong antioxidants which helps in better breathing as well as for better circulation of blood. Read on to know what all the other benefits of honey and probably start using it more for more benefits in life.
Nutritional values of honey-Serving for 1 cup= 339g
Amount per serving
% daily value
Calories- 1031
Total fat- 0g
Saturated fat-0g
Trans Fat-0g
Cholesterol- 0mg
Total Carbohydrate-279g
Dietary Fiber-1g
Sugars- 278g
Vitamin A
Vitamin C
Note: Daily values maybe higher or lower depending on the individual calories need.
Top 10 Honey Benefits are as follows:

10. Prevention of cancer

Prevention of cancer Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey
Prevention always reminds us of the famous saying as ‘prevention is better than cure’ and likewise honey do not cure any disease but it helps in getting relief and prevents from the disease getting any more worse. It has been proven scientifically through various experiments that the use of honey shrinks or reduces the size of the tumor. Bacteria cannot live in honey due to the less water content in it and honey is a mixture of antioxidants such as vitamin C. Honey helps in rebuilding the immune system as the bee keepers are more exposed to the bee poison and also with the ingestion of honey and prevents the cells being destroyed because of powerful radiations. There are various kinds of honey which are used for different purposes in treating a cancer patient. Some of them are Manuka honey, Israeli honey, Royal Jelly, and Propolis are some of the honey which are used widely to treat cancer tumor’s.

9. Prevention of heart disease

Prevention of heart disease Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey
Honey as shocking it might sound that the sweetest thing in the world can also cure heart diseases. Even though the main components of honey is sucrose and fructose, still honey helps in healing many diseases related to these sugar problems. We all know that heart diseases are caused due to LDL, homo-cysteine and C-reactive protein (CRP). These can be controlled by the intake of vitamin B6, B12 and folic acid. CRP levels can be reduced by antioxidants. A study for 15 days trial with natural honey, sugar and artificial honey showed promising results with natural honey while the other two did not show any changes with the body improvements. The results of natural honey showed was increase in HDL cholesterol levels, drop down of homo-cysteine levels, drop down of LDL with 11% and drop down of CRP with 57%. All though over eating honey can lead to increase in the calories and obesity, scientifically its proved that honey taken moderately can help reducing the heart ailments.

8. Reduces ulcer and gastrointestinal problems

glucose oxidase enzyme Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey
The new reports of scientific inventions have shown that honey plays a major role in reducing the stomach ulcers and some other gastrointestinal problems. The glucose oxidase an enzyme produced in honey produces hydrogen peroxide. This is responsible for killing any harmful bacteria which acts in developing the ulcers in stomach. When bees sucks the nectar from particular flowers it also collects the pollen’s from the flowers and gives the antibacterial properties to the honey which makes it to eliminate any kind of bacteria. Studies have shown that the Manuka honey is more effective in treating the ulcers and stomach problems.

7. Anti-bacterial agent

Anti bacterial agent Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey
The use of honey is there since the times of our history and many kings also have been using it for healing purposes. Due to many latest medicinal developments it was replaced by different medicines. But those came with a lot of side effects and people are not ready for other kind of problems in their bodies to cure one problem. Hence the use of honey as a home remedy is the most notable thing all over the world and it has given a very good results in healing as well. There were reasons when our grandmothers used cooking items as a medicinal cure for many illness and honey is one among them. Its been one of the best natural antibiotic since ages. When honey is applied on the wounds it releases the hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) which acts as the anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, antiseptic agent killing the germs and allowing the skin to heal. This way honey helps in many treatments acting as the anti-bacterial supplement.

6. Increases athletic performance

athletic performance Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey
Interested in sports!! eat honey!! can be a motto of many but do you know the reasons behind why it is true, and if at all is it true?. It is true that honey helps in boosting up the energy for the athletic performance of many athletes. Instead of buying those oils, creams, gels, tonics etc as the energy booster, its better to try honey as the natural energy booster. Research have shown as honey being equally capable of the same energy boosting properties as the other calorie-free placebo. Consumption of carbohydrates before and during the exercising helps in performing better. This is mainly because of honey consisting with high-carbohydrates. Remember to eat honey before starting a game.

5. Reduces cough and throat irritation

cough and throat irritation Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey
A very common method used in most of the households for treating the sore throat and cough. Believe me when I say, that this is the best way of healing your throat irritations than those pills you want to pop into your mouth and swallow and wait for hours for relief. Honey mixed along with some other cooking items and made into a medicinal drink to heal the sore throat and reducing cough is a common practice which has helped widely. It is used mainly with dry cough as a suppressant which acts as a coat inside the throat for several hours and gives relief and prevents the sensory nerves from being stimulated.
Honey is normally consumed alone with a single teaspoon or it is usually mixed with warm water or lemon which gives the same effect as of any other medicines. The plus side of consuming honey is that it comes without any side effects.

4. Better than white sugar

honey and sugar Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey
We use sweetener for many food items either to eat or drink. Foods such as any sweet tasting and cool drinks etc all needs sugar as sweetener. But many are shifting to honey as the natural sweetener instead of using table sugar because of the useful benefits of honey. Both honey and sugar consists of the fructose and sucrose in a large amount and this make the whole world sweet in whichever food item it is used, but sugar has more less benefits. Sugar in the process of refining, looses most of the organic acids, proteins, nitrogen elements, enzymes, vitamins which was present in the sugarcane. While honey is a natural sweetener and also acts a high carbohydrate agent, along with antioxidants improving the stamina and immunity of the body. The calories consumed in sugar is more when compared to the consumption by honey, as we normally use less honey because of its more sweet taste, where as we might use more sugar to get the sweet taste.

3. Heals wounds and burns

Heals wounds and burns Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey
Do not laugh at a doctor or a nurse who might use honey on your wounds and burns as a first aid, because honey is one of the best healing agent. Its used to heal wounds and help the skin to develop into new skin faster. This is mainly because honey enhances the growth of tissue by providing topical nutrition and it draws fluid from underlying circulation providing a moist environment. This process makes it easy for healing of wounds and burns. It removes the dead tissue around the wounds allowing for the growth of new tissues.

2. Beautiful skin

honey for Beautiful skin Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey
Want to have a shining and beautiful skin, forget those promising facial creams and various products shown in televisions who might promise for the best result in 24 hours or few more and switch yourself to using honey for a more soft, beautiful, shining and charming skin. Its not the color which matters for beauty rather it is the texture and how healthy the skin is. Because of heat radiations and other things our skin looses its quality due to the presence of dead cells and it hinders the good health of the skin. The presence of the bee pollen, propolis and other things stimulates the growth of skin and removes the dead tissues. The gluconic acid present in honey helps in shedding the dead tissues. It also increases the elasticity, reduces oiliness, stimulates collagen production, and reduces the formation of wrinkles and lines in the skin. It also helps in improving the blood circulation while consumed orally. Good blood circulation helps providing a healthy nutrition to the skin.

1. Other medicinal values

medicinal values1 Top 10 Health Benefits of Honey
We saw in all the above stated benefits of honey, that it possess one of the best medicinal value because of anti-bacterial, anti-septic, and presence of antioxidants which helps in healing many diseases. The darker the honey, the better its properties of anti-bacterial agents in compared to the light colored honey. It is also used for many allergies, common cold and many such simple things in life which can cause a great difficulty. Research have also shown possibilities in using it to prepare many medicines for treatments.
Note: Honey is not recommended for children below one year old because of the risk of botulism bacteria found in dust and soil which can enter into honey causing infants botulism. Honey should be consumed depending on the patient health status and over consumption can lead to other problems such as obesity etc which can be harmful with people already suffering with ailments such as diabetics, heart problems. Its always better to take a doctor’s opinion for the required dosage.

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