Sunday, March 24, 2013

Look out Kelly, the way Danny Cipriani treated me was evil and twisted

A MODEL seduced by Danny Cipriani last night warned Kelly Brook that the rugby romeo will break her heart.

Jasmine Waltz, 30, claimed Danny behaved in a “dirty, evil and twisted way” to get her into bed, and had all the self-control of a horny teenager.
The American, who looks stunningly like Kelly, said she was shocked the Brit model and actress had taken Danny, 25, back, adding: “He is the least likely guy I know to have a proper relationship.
Danny Cipriani and Kelly Brook together
Reunited ... but Jasmine doesn't think Kelly Brook and Danny Cipriani will last long together
Fame Flynet
“I have experienced it first-hand. One minute he was crazy about me and then the next he was trying to hook up with other girls.
“I don’t know Kelly but I would warn her that Danny is not the man to be with if she is looking for a long-term, committed partner.
“He has a roving eye and loves living on the edge. In some ways he is like a horny teenage boy. He is a a walking boner and whatever direction it points he just follows.”
Jasmine insisted: “Kelly should know that in my eyes Danny has no way of holding down a serious relationship. I feel sorry for Kelly and am pretty sure he is the kind of animal she cannot tame.”
Kelly Brook with Thom Evans together
Past flame ... Kelly Brook with Thom Evans before their split earlier this year
She said of her fling with Danny: “If he had been honest and said he wanted some fun, rather than declare undying love, I wouldn’t be here today.
“The extreme measure he took to get me hooked was dirty, evil and twisted. His morals were not intact. It was hurtful and no woman deserves that behaviour.”
Jasmine warned Kelly, 33, who has spoken of her desire to start a family, that Danny is emotionally still an adolescent and needs to “grow up” before he can be a dad...

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