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Jodie Marsh tells her Tattoo Secret. Jodie Marsh Tattoo Picture

Jodie Marsh lifts the lid on her body art

Jodie Marsh strips naked and displays her impressive 'sleeve'
Tattoo for one... Jodie displays her impressive 'sleeve'
TV Magazine/Lou Denim

FROM a bulb of garlic to a bottle of vodka and even a dumbbell, Jodie Marsh’s tattoos all tell a story.

And in this Saturday’s TV Magazine her body art comes under the spotlight – as the 34-year-old tells the secrets behind some of her favourite inkings.
In an exclusive interview, Jodie, 34, strips off and talks us through the ink she treasures the most.
She says: "My whole left arm is a tattoo sleeve that tells my life story, from my parents' names to my dogs to a little carrot and strawberry for when I started eating healthily, to a little dumbbell for bodybuilding.
From a brain to a carrot and bottle of vodka, some of Jodie Marsh's tattoos
Tat's all, folks... From a brain to a carrot and bottle of vodka, some of Jodie's tattoos
"I had a tattoo made from my nan's ashes after she died - it just says Little Nan.
"My friend Kim was murdered when she was 22 - I had her name with an RIP and an angel to remember her.
Jodie Marsh poses naked on the cover of TV Magazine
TV Magazine... 23 March 2013
"On my back is a brain. At school I was called a geek and a boffin. But I have a brain and I'm proud of it.
"The three stars on my neck represent my mum, dad and my little brother [Jordan]."
Elsewhere in the chat she tells of the heartbreak that’s driving her crusade to beat bullying in our schools.
She says: “The damage bullying does lasts a lifetime. I know how bad it can be.”
She goes on to tell of hitting rock bottom after she appeared on Celebrity Big Brother in 2006.
She adds: “People were vile to me.
“I couldn’t go on. Here I was, this kid who was bullied at school who’d then done what everyone wants – become famous, was paid to turn up at parties – yet all I got was abuse.”

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