Tuesday, March 19, 2013

10 Best Windows Phone Game Apps to kill boredom

10 Best Windows Phone Game Apps to kill boredom
Boredom belongs to human nature but not for those of you who have something especial to kill it, yes I’m talking about interesting games that are like handy tools to make the environment a bit enjoyable even some people consider smartphone game an addiction, some people don’t allow their employees to play any smartphone game while they’re in office, but however we love them, smartphone games are bread and butter of developers.
Here we have listed 10 of best Windows Phone games that can give you a great experience whenever you feel that the environment around you is a bit boring and you need something interesting to kill the time. These are top-rated Windows Phone games that you can come up with, have a look on them below and be sure to share feelings using the comment section



2. Penguin


3. Ragdoll Run

Ragdoll Run

4. Logos Quiz

Logos Quiz

5. 3D Brutal Chase

3D Brutal Chase

6. Archer


7. Cut The Rope

Cut The Rope

8. Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

9. What’s the Word

What's the Word

10. Texas Holdem Poker

Texas Holdem Poker

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