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10 Amazing Colourful Birds

10 Amazing Colourful Birds
Birds are the most beautiful creature of God. This creature is not only beautiful but evokes God’s love in man’s heart. Birds are found all around the world especially in the greenery areas especially forests. They feed according to the category and kind of bird. Birds like other creature also migrate from one place to another place for survival especially in the winter and summer season. The ten most beautiful birds are as follows.

1. Lori Parrot

Lori Parrot
All most all colors of rainbow are present in this kind of parrot. The Lori parrot is form the tribe Lorini. As well as their size is. They are medium small in size as compare to other parrots. They are famous by their especial brush-tipped tongues for feeding. Most probably they feed on the nectars of different kind of blossoms. Not only this, they also feed on different kind of soft fruits especially berries. From the specialized characteristics are considered a separate sub family other parrots. They are found in the Australasian region. The area includes south eastern area where this creature finds in.

2. American Kestrel

American Kestrel
The American Kestrel is also known as the Sparrow Hawk. It is a small falcon and found in Americas only. In North America the falcon is the most common. As well as the habits are, it has a wide range of habits. It is the smallest falcon in North America with a size of 7-8 to 19-21cm long. It exhibits sexual dimorphism in size and plumage. It hunts by hovering in the air. Its speed is too fast to catch any prey. Most probably, it feeds on mice, grasshoppers, lizards and all the small birds. It builds its nest especially in building, cliffs, and trees. The female lays around three to seven eggs.

3. Atlantic Puffin

Atlantic Puffin
The Atlantic Puffin is a kind of seabird species. The name is given to it due to its credulity. It belongs to auk family. It is also known as Common Puffin in the Atlantic Ocean it is the only puffin species. Most probably it is feed on diving fish, other sea creatures like squid and crustaceans. Its bright color is become prominent in the breeding season. The most famous thing is its large, colorful bill. It is also famous for its striking piebald plumage. Due to these characteristics it is also called “clown of the ocean and “sea rooster”.

4. Grey Crowned Crane

Grey Crowned Crane
This is a Grey Crowned Crane belong to crane family Gruidae. Its weight is 3.5kg and 1m tall l. the body is grey and legs are black and the head is crown of stiff golden feathers. If is found in Africa and the south of the Sahara. Not only this had they also found in Uganda and Kenya near rivers and lakes and grassy and cultivated lands. The one of the best quality of this bird is that unlike other creature it does not migrate. The Crowned Crane has a breeding display. It dance and bow and jump as well. Another best quality of this is that it makes a honking sound which is quite different from the other cranes species.

5. Red Cardinal

Red Cardinal
The Red Cardinal is also called Northern Cardinal and is found in the North American bird in the genus Cardinalis. Not only is this it also known as colloquially. Most probably it can be found in woodlands, gardens, scrublands and swamps. It is a song bird. Its length is 21cm or 8.3 inches. There is mask on the face which is grey in the females and red in the males. The body of the male is totally red and the females are of dull brown. Not only has this it had a crest on the head. It feeds on fruits and insects. Most probably it laid three or four eggs.

6. Kingfisher

These are the creatures found in t he old world or most probably in Australasia. It is small to medium sized. It is a very colorful bird. It contains three families Alcedinidae (river kingfisher, Halcyonidae (tree kingfishers and Cerylidae (water kingfisher). There are around 90 species of kingfisher. All have long, sharp, pointed bills, large head, short legs and stubby tails. The majority is found in the forests.

7. Red and Green Macaw

Red and Green Macaw
The green winged macaw as whirs the breast of male and female is bright red. The upper wings of the Red and Green Macaws are mostly green but have few yellow wings along with the green ones. It has red color around the eyes. The feather is surrounded by the red wings on the tail. It is 49 inches long means 125 centimeters with a total length of 35 to 37 inches long. The Green winged macaw is often mates for life time. The female bird often lays two to three eggs. The nest is made in a hole with in a tree.

8. Mandarin duck

Mandarin duck
It is medium sized duck. It is closely related to the North American Wood Duck. Its height is 41 to 49 cm long with a 65 to 75 wingspan. It has a white crescent above the eye and has a red bill. There is a whiskers and reddish face above the eye. There is two vertical bars and breast in purple. Mandarin duck is mentioned in their Book OF Russia. At any time, the hunting for them is forbidden. As well as the breeding are, the birds of these species are often breed in the park.

9. Peacock

Peacock is the only bird which was domesticated by a man. The peacock is beautiful and colorful birds. It dace when it feels happy. There are different myths in different religions according to peacock tail. It is one of the oldest birds. Its wings are used for decoration. People also take it has a pet. Its sound is very loud.

10. Paradise Tanagra

Paradise Tanagra
It is multicolored medium sized bird. It is also called the song bird. Its length varies between 13.5cm to 15cm long. It has a light green head. It has a sky blue under parts and black upperparts. Its beak is black. Its legs are grey. It is found in the forest of western and eastern Amazon Basin in South America, Colombia, Brazil and Guiana’s. It is not found in Chile.

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