Thursday, February 14, 2013

Top 10 Home Appliances for 2013

Bosch Washing Machine
Whether it is the latest Smartphone, the best car or the coolest TV, we all want the latest gadgets to show off to friends and family. If your home is your castle, then you will want to fill it with the best you can. These top ten home appliances for 2013 will make you the envy of even the most up-to-date gadget guru.
The clock
Practical items like this are often disregarded when it comes to style or design, but a clock can be a real feature in a room. Whether you opt for a super-modern, digital clock or an ornate wall clock, this standard household item gets a new lease of life in 2013.
The phone
With the vast majority of us having mobile phones, the home phone has faded into the background in recent years. Forget the bulky ugly home phones of the past; there are some super sleek designs available now, which will make even the most boring conversation tempting!
Fill your home with the sound of music with one of the many music sound systems available. Whether it’s a digital radio, dock or a good old CD player or even turntable, having the latest sound system is a must.
HD? LCD? 3D? With these and many other acronyms, TV comes with it all these days. If TV and movies are big in your house, then a top of the range set is a must.
Washing machine
Practical doesn’t have to mean dull. So rather than hide your washer away, choose one that you’ll be proud to display in your kitchen or laundry room. Bosch washing machines are a great combination of the stylish, efficient and economical.
Vacuum cleaner
Keep your home looking spic and span with the latest technology in vacuum cleaner. Over the years, vacuum cleaners have transformed from bulky ugly eyesores that were impossible to store, to sleek, compact and easy pieces of technology to hide away.
Coffee machine
A must for anyone who craves their coffee hit first thing in the morning. Don’t settle for instant, invest in a top of the range machine which grinds fresh coffee and creates your favourite cup, whether its latte, cappuccino or espresso.
Food processor
Make life a little easier with a food processor. If you are a keen cook but hate the hassle and time wasting involved in the peeling and beating, then let a food processor do all the hard work.
Surely the ultimate gadget geek accessory, your choice of computer says a lot about you. Are you practical? Stylish? Or both? An old-fashioned desktop can take up a lot of space. Go for a laptop or a streamlined desktop to keep your home looking up to date.
Fridge and freezer 
Forget practicality and go for style! Fridge freezers take up a lot of room in your kitchen or larder, so don’t settle for something unsightly. For the latest look go for a modern, stylish fridge or fridge freezer.

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